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Pregnancy Voyage is more of a communal meeting space than a blog. My goal is to use my expertise to cover the topics that are most important to you. So let’s be in constant conversation as we work to understand our bodies and ease our minds.

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Don't Marry Just Because..


🌻Marry when you want to enter a possibly lifelong journey of smiles and sorrows with your significant other.

🌻Marry when you are at least strong enough to think that you will survive on your own if the marriage does not last.

🌻Marry when you are strong enough to take a stand for yourself if the person you marry doesn't not respect you.

🌻Marry when you are ready to live for someone else and also for yourself.

🌻Marry when you really want to see all the colors of life with someone.

Marriage is not easy. It's a long, long journey of sharing a space with someone, physically and also on the mental plane. It's not any fancy culmination of life, instead it's a way of life. I know many people will differ in this opinion that we can completely maintain our individuality in marriage. But as life goes on we change ourselves in many ways unconsciously, sometimes also being even completely unaware of the changes that happen to us. Some changes are voluntary some are not. It's a personal choice however but this is true that every marriage will require you to muster the art of forgiveness, the ability to choose love, loyalty and have faith in it.

It is much easier to end a relationship than a marriage. Especially in a country like ours. Sometimes even parents do not support if the child is unhappy and wants to end the marriage.

So the decision of marriage should be taken very consciously (if it's in your control). I know the kind of mental and social independence that I am talking about is yet to come completely in our country.

It can be the most beautiful thing if you want and the most undesirable thing if you enter it under the influence of wrong beliefs.

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